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Introducing the Volunteer Of The Year!


Greater Mankato Growth held its annual meeting on February 7, 2023 in Mankato, MN. The annual meeting brings together members, stakeholders, and the business community to celebrate the organization’s annual accomplishments and hear about the initiatives and programs planned for the year ahead. At this year’s event, Dr. Cuong Huynh D.C. was honored as one of the volunteers of the year award, sharing the recognition with Ceceli Polzin of the Mankato Clinic. Both Dr. C and Ceceli co-chaired the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Collaborative, which supports area leaders in developing the skills, mindsets, and networks needed to drive inclusive change for greater equity within their organizations. This program focused on a small cohort of 25 participants, ensuring the opportunity for collaborative networking. The program invited multiple participants per business and recommended that one of them is a decision-maker within the organization. Participants met once a month for three hours  since this past October, 2022, and included an online assessment and between-session learning components.

As you all know, our company values being a contributing member of this community. You have likely seen how involved our team is in the Greater Mankato region. The doctors have led the way in volunteerism through the years here in Mankato, and it was such an honor to see Dr. C honored for his contributions. This was a statement issued by Dr. C:

“My company’s vision statement is to help build a thriving community. We believe it’s important to help shape our community into a place everyone could be proud of. Volunteerism plays a big role in that because, when we work together, we make a huge impact on each other’s lives. Volunteerism is an essential part of a vibrant community.”

Join us in honoring Dr. C. for his contributions to the community. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, here is some footage:


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